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Connecting with consumers in the moments that matter

Connecting with consumers in the moments that matter.

Marketing isn’t simple. There is always a ton of things to consider when putting out marketing material to achieve a desired outcome. What will the audience respond to? What price point can we win at? Are there features we should include in our product we do not yet know about? How best can we showcase our service to potential new customers? These and a dozen more questions rattle around in the heads of Chief Marketing Officers.

Not only does he need to drive the desired results, s/he must ensure that these results are improving across the quarters, and the company bottom lines are a joy to look at.

In broad strokes, there are three major areas a smart CMO must look to, if he desires to keep his seat, to thrive and to be the apple of everyone’s eyes. In fact, they are things that as a CMO, he already may be looking at but perhaps with the wrong set of eyes.

Audience Insights

In recent years, thanks to Mobile, consumer/customer behaviour has drastically changed in relation to how they would like to interact with businesses they care about. Today, up to 65% of consumers globally prefer to message a business on social media platforms, rather than place a phone call or pay a visit. 

It therefore becomes more important to understand on a deep level, what social media platforms your consumers/potential customer spend most of their time,and on what platforms they are likely to interact with your business. 

The sheer amount of data made available by social media platforms on audience interests and behaviours gives the smart CMO a sizeable edge when they look into this data and are able to make intelligent marketing decisions that can drive better ROI. It is often a shock to see how different the perception of your audience is from the information presented in the hard data. This is where we come in.


Advanced Targeting & Re-targeting

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving through the capabilities available on the different platforms, and one of the wonders of advanced targeting is being able to single out your existing customers from the multitudes on Social Media Platforms and showing them a specific ad that you know they will respond to, (based on the information you already have about them).


This type of advanced targeting is possible by securely uploading customer data to a platform, and showing ads to these customers where they can be found on such social platform. Combining this type of laser targeting with data gleaned from measuring tools on your website can lead to even more powerful targeting that allows you show a specific ad to people who have visited a certain page on your website, or who have added an item to their cart on your website, basically moving them along the conversion funnel until they buy. 

If you are not targeting and re-targeting, then your advertising efforts is idling away at the brand awareness level, and it is largely failing to connect with potential customers in the moments that matter.

Lookalike Audiences

People’s interests, behaviours and purchasing patterns are largely similar across different cities and countries. This singular fact, combined with the data capabilities on social media platforms, has led to a fascinating method for finding new customers who are similar in interests, behaviours and purchasing patterns with your existing customers.

What if you don’t have a list of existing customers you can use as a starting point? Not to worry, with our team behind your digital marketing, tracking interests and behaviours of potential customers visiting your digital assets can be accelerated to become usable data.

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