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The 2021 FlyMyAds Impact Report

As a digital agency involved in driving positive returns for our clients, we have always worked to understand what makes people tick, what makes them respond positively, and how to constantly be able to repeat this success cycle. The year 2020, brought a lot of unprecedented changes to the way we live, work and play. Everyone was forced to adapt to this new normal, and till today, some industries are not fully recovered. Our maiden Impact Report, the 2021 FlyMyAds Impact Report aims to show you how we responded to these changes, and how our work impacted people and businesses around us.

The report also showcases some of the collaboration opportunities that have opened up as a result of our work, and we are open to collaboration from organizations who will find our training programs useful and timely, notably our FlyMyAds School of Social Media Management and the FlyMyAds Growth Workshop.

We look forward to collaborating with you!


Digital Skills for Business Growth kicks off

June 2021 saw FlyMyAds finally kick off the Digital Future Program in Kenya, a program aimed at equipping 500 Women-Led Businesses with digital skills for business growth. The Digital Future Program was initiated by Women Work Network Kenya, a women-focused organization in Kenya, and is fully funded by the United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

The year 2020 and the global pandemic has caused a major shift in the way we live, learn and earn a livelihood. Digital platforms have become even more important for business success and the year 2020 say a massive spike in new business owners across the world who had no choice but to adopt digital platforms.

Digital Skills Program Design

As ubiquitous as digital platforms are, there is still a great need for hand-holding business owners on how to effectively use these platforms for business. Digital Skills for business growth can no longer be ignored.

FlyMyAds collaborated with Women Work Kenya on the program design, implementation plan and expected outcomes, taking into consideration the new normal where learning has necessarily become digital and virtual. Also, the simple fact that the Program is being implemented across borders from West Africa to East Africa is also an example of what is possible with digital platforms.

The Program will take in 500 women led businesses separated into three different tiers and also into different cohorts. The Training program for each cohort is 4 weeks long and is a combination of online learning and weekly live classes over zoom. The four-week training is then followed by a robust post-training engagement and Ad Credits provided by USADF.

During these four weeks, participants are taken through topics such as business set up on social media, with a special emphasis on security, learning how to create engaging content, learning about social media advertising as well as measurement of their content and advertising efforts.

As usual, any well-designed program takes being deliberate and meticulous planning. Many many thanks to the team at Women Work Kenya for working through the long months of planning till the successful launch of the program.

As at today, we have completed two cohorts and the feedback has been heart-felt, and amazing, with real progress being seen and measured in the participant’s businesses.