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COVID-19 Help Videos – Prevention and Precautions

In a bid to contribute out quota to the global efforts directed at curbing the spread of the pandemic, COVID-19 infection, we decided to make short educational video content in the native Nigerian dialects in order to help people get first-hand information about symptoms, personal hygiene, and the social distancing required to slow down or halt the spread of the pandemic infection.

Together with some private sector partners who have contributed to making these short videos possible, we have currently made the videos available in 4 different Nigerian languages: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and Urhobo.

We express our gratitude to Dr. Tunde Agboola, Mr. Aanuoluwapo Ogundele, Mrs. Lily Agboola, Ave Maria Logistics, and Maymil Flowers for their support.

Below are the different videos. We are open to collaborating with anyone or any organization willing to co-sponsor a translation to any other indigenous African language.

Yoruba Language:

Hausa Language

Igbo Language

Urhobo Language

For mobile phone versions of the videos that can be easily shared via WhatsApp, please click to download it from our Drive